About Us

Welcome to Funbabytoy!

We hope you enjoy taking a look at these beautiful creative puzzles and finding something you like!

Funbabytoy offers a range of quality, natural, educational and safe toys for babies, children, toddlers and more. Everything we offer is handcrafted with our own unique designs.

All toys are cut with the latest laser technology and made from premium wood and ink, ensuring durable heirloom products designed to be shared with future generations.

Our whimsical pieces and puzzle cut patterns are hand drawn and original by our designers. The unique tailoring of each puzzle piece reflects the imagination and mischief of our various designers, who put in funky whimsical shapes, tricks and teasers to make each piece a challenging and entertaining experience.

The most important thing for babies is safety and we always take this very seriously. All our products are specially treated and we sanded the edges of the boards sufficiently to ensure they don't hurt your baby's hands. Moreover, all paints we use go through strict safety inspections before production to ensure 100% non-toxic. Of course, it is also important that all of our products are sanitized before shipping.